Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas decor and doggie

I haven't finished the "kid's" stockings yet...soon

Our very first married tree!!! Love it. (Don't you like how we set it on top of a chair???)

This is his favorite chew long as it's not my computer cord I really don't care what he chews on.

Our dog is cute...I'm not gonna lie about it. (I thought this all of last night until I found the pile of poop behind the recliner...seriously dog!)

I love what gravity does to his face :-) No more wrinkles!

GQ material?


  1. I love your house Chels. So cute. Your tree reminds me of my first Christmas tree when Josh and I got married. :)

  2. Your tree is so little. I love it though very festive... My lil nephew is so cute!!!