Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Archimedes' Day Out

Photos courtesy of Steve Moreland:

A day with dad

He's very well behaved

"Where's dad?"

"This way?"

"Maybe he's over here?"

"Oh I give up!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Adventures of Fixing a Windmill...Step by Step by Step...

First the cow gets thirsty

This one was very impressed by me

From the cows perspective

Then you notice that there's not enough water coming out of the ol' pipe there

Yep, definetly no water being pumped

The hubby calling for backup because he broke something off of the certain doo hicky that connects to the pump thingy

The only part I remember from this phone conversation was that he needed a "male part"

Then I was explained the birds and the bees of windmills :-)

Busy pulling the long part of the windmill out of the ground to investigate what ranchers call "leathers"

This ended up being the culprit of today's adventure

And there they are......worn out leathers

Overview of the problem

New leathers are like brand spanking new shoes to girls

Although leathers can last up to a year and I don't know about you girls but I sure can't go that long without buying a new pair of shoes??????

I decided I should make an appearance on this blog every once in awhile

Hi family!!!!!!

(Yeah, that's me in the lens. Just in case. I worry people don't "get" me sometimes)

Looks like I need to do a little patch work on those jeans hmm Brock??

And help arrives with the "male part"

Yeah, I don't understand it either

And because I can

Here's a picture of our adorable dog

He's at the stage now where he does nothing but sleep all day