Friday, July 24, 2009

Reception and Family

Brock and I had our "Nebraska Reception" last Saturday in Cody at the White Elephant Hall. There was a great turn-out in the park for supper and everyone had fun dancing to the Twin River Band that evening. My mom, dad, and sister came to visit as well and we enjoyed having them in our new house! Dad didn't sit down once his first day here as he was busy hanging curtains, fixing closet doors, and doing other various tasks that I politely asked of him :-) Mom was a cleaning machine and did all the chores that she knows I hate doing! Since their plane didn't leave until Monday evening, we decided to sightsee a little, driving through Hot Springs, Custer National Park and Keystone, South Dakota. We stopped alongside the road and peaked at Mount Rushmore (you had to pay to get into the parking lot!). I'm so thankful that my family was able to see where our "new" home is and Brock and I are looking forward to the rest of my family visiting in the future!

The re-enactment of our wedding.

Two adorable little fawns in the hay meadow by our house.

The BBQ contraption that Brock's brother, Will invented. It was also our wedding present from him.

Brock's dad, Steve accidently put potato salad on his hamburger! We had a BBQ at our house the night before the reception

We had a fantastic time jet-skiing on the lake.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House Happenings

The living room is finished with a "rust" coat of paint. I think our native looking couch really adds to the room ;-) When I venture to Rapid City this Thursday I will be picking up some fabulous looking curtains with a slip cover to cover that hideous couch! Although, I am very thankful to our good friend Joe for giving us our first piece of furniture.

Brock is busy haying and I have unofficially finished unpacking our house! There are no longer trails to every room and I'm not constantly stubbing my toes on boxes. Our house is now ready for the company arriving later this week for our wedding reception in Cody, Nebraska!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After driving 18+ hours from Lewiston, Idaho to Merriman, Nebraska, we finally rolled in about 8:00 pm on Tuesday, July 7. Wasting no time, we unloaded the U-Haul trailer and the entire Excursion in about half an hour (with the help of Brock’s sister Tiffany and his Aunt Sybil). Our house became very overwhelming for me at the sight of all the boxes carried in. The kitchen is finally put away (along with our brand new range!) and I am now concentrating my efforts on painting….much more fun (but tiring) than unpacking :-)