Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After driving 18+ hours from Lewiston, Idaho to Merriman, Nebraska, we finally rolled in about 8:00 pm on Tuesday, July 7. Wasting no time, we unloaded the U-Haul trailer and the entire Excursion in about half an hour (with the help of Brock’s sister Tiffany and his Aunt Sybil). Our house became very overwhelming for me at the sight of all the boxes carried in. The kitchen is finally put away (along with our brand new range!) and I am now concentrating my efforts on painting….much more fun (but tiring) than unpacking :-)


  1. It's pretty... can't wait to see things all painted and put away!

  2. Funny pic of Brock carrying you over the threshold...we have a picture of me (yep you heard me) carrying Mike into our new house just the same way:) From Karey Cannon

  3. Ya Chelsie. You are a blogger. I'm so impressed. Even though I live not as far away as the other relatives (first time in 18 years, ee ha!)it's fun to see your and Brock's going on's! We will make it to the house someday soon! Not before your parents do though. How pathetic is that. Which one is yours? Front of picture or back? So happy for you. Relish the time together..... Amy

  4. great pictures. How was your Honeymoon? I'll bet it was beatiful there.
    I think this is the week-end for your reception in Nebraska?
    Take care and don't try to do everything in a day. It sounds like things are coming along and you're getting your house put together so it feels like home.
    SMILE :)