Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updates to Our House

Between my driving trips back and forth to Chadron, somehow I've managed to fix up our house a little bit. Brock helped by building us an entertainment center and headboard for our new KING size bed (yay bigger bed). Hope you enjoy!

Mom got us some pillows to match the them!

Our beautiful entertainment center! Brock made this out of an old waterbed that was left in our basement. I had a part in making it by painting it black...yay me.

The view from our couch.

The living room. It's making progress.

Our new bed, down comforter (thanks to all of the generous people who gave us Macy's gift cards for our wedding!) and newly hung wedding pictures.

The other side of the room. The mirror was under out wedding cake (notice the ring that only shows up when I take a picture...weird).

My craft/office favorite room in the house!

Hallway between the office and spare bedroom showing off Brock's favorite wedding picture.

BREAKING NEWS! (Sorry, It's the journalist coming out in me)

It's official, we are getting a bloodhound puppy October 18! Brock and I are so excited and can hardly wait to see him. After that day I'm sure this blog will consist of pictures mostly of him, but you readers won't be dissapointed. Here's a sneak peak of the little guy...

We were originally going to get this exact puppy, but the breeders informed us of a litter that would be ready on the 18th versus the 3rd (a little to soon for us). Our puppy will be very similar (tan and black).

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  1. You are so cute - thank you for the blog love, it made my night! =) I always enjoy your blog and seeing where you're at. When will you be in town visiting? We at least need to have coffee. Without swirling children. lol.