Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Birthday!

I am 21 now...weird. Brock and I celebrated by going on a picnic behind our house. The wind was blowing that day and some of the only trees on the ranch are behind our house. We took shelter in there!

We also went bowling the night before in Martin, SD. Steve managed to beat us both games, but that's usually how it is :-)

Susie Cheney's birthday is only 2 days after mine, so we had cake and ice cream together last week. Lots of fun! What a great time of year! drink beer legally!

We had chicken sandwiches, pickles and chips.

Hiding in the trees. It felt so much like Idaho!

It just kills Brock to actually take a serious picture now and then ;-)

Brock thought he was funny and put a twist on all of our names: Chelsea=Chelsie, Stephanie=Steve, Carl=Carol, and Tiffany=Tiffay. Silly guy!

The birthday girl's turn.

And now her husband's.

Bowling buddies.

Mine and Susie's birthday dessert's.

She sings "Happy Birthday" every time she sees this picture :-)

I got her a pinata...she didn't really know what to think of it.

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