Thursday, August 6, 2009


is a lot of hard work! Yesterday, I painted the OTHER wall of our living room a tan sorta color (I was tired of the stark white). I think both of the colors are beautiful separately, but not sure about them together. Regardless, I’m keeping it that color because I don't feel like painting it anything else! Brock really likes it and doesn't want me to change it (which makes me extremely happy because I’m exhausted by the end of a painting day). It does make the living room feel much warmer though.

We've been getting quite a few thunderstorms with rain lately (which gets us out of the hayfield yayyyyyyyyyyyy!) so Brock and I have had some spare time for "projects" around the house. Brock is almost finished with a bar he's been building since school got out. It's made out of old barn wood and looks like it could be in an antique store. I just "assembled" a pantry that I bought from Wal-Mart so now I have heaps of room for food.

This is for dad and Clayton...yes I'm actually driving a tractor!

I'm very proud of my pantry if you can't tell :-)

A recent storm.

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  1. I think the colors look great together in your living room! Of course I'm not actually in the living room and pictures don't always do a color justice. I also like the slip cover =), much better than the native print, I agree. Hope you're well!