Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nothing But Routine Around Here

That's right, we get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and the next day do it all over again! I'm definitely not complaining considering I get to listen to my Ipod all day on the tractor and get fed by one of the best cook's in Nebraska. Lately though it's been rather chilly and rainy so our routine is becoming less of a routine. A couple days ago we pulled bulls and moved cows to different pastures (see pictures below: courtesy of Steve Moreland). Yesterday morning I managed to mow hay with my sister and mom-in-law despite occasional sprinkling of rain and wind. It was nice to have a break from raking because the little blue tractor I mow with is so delightful to ride on. That afternoon I helped Brock change baler belts and boy was that fun (definitely exaggeration in this sentence). Actually, it wasn't to bad. The baler is like a really cool jungle gym to climb around in and I sure appreciated the time spent with my cute cowboy!

Brock on Sundance, Carol on Goose, Chelsie on Clavinova

A good husband and wife team I must say

Moving cows to a different pasture

A fun day spent together (despite being saddle sore for days)

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  1. Hi Chelsie! I LOVE your blog... just got done reading all the updates. Such a fun way to keep up. Looks like you guys are busy in the farm life just like here at home. We've been super busy with harvest and cows ourselves! :-) Congrats on all the painting... it's tedious and always nice to have it done, especially if you like the results. Good luck with school. Keep in touch!