Monday, March 8, 2010

Brock's Birthday in Deadwood

I know this was almost a month ago, but I've been terribly busy with school and have zero time to keep up on this thing! Well, enjoy photos from a month ago :-)

Spent the night in Sundance Friday, then headed to Deadwood, S.D. Saturday. Joe took us out to the bars at 12:01 so Brock could enjoy his first drink.

Playing some pool and enjoying some popcorn.

Taking the trolly into the heart of Deadwood!

Our trolly companion :-)

Where most of our time was spent....

Erica and I enjoying the nightlife.

Where Brock and Joe spent most of their time....and money!

Singing some karaoke!

"I've got friends in low places!"


Trevor keeping the birthday boy company.

Some yummy cupcakes from Erica....a great 3:00 am snack :-)

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  1. Ha ha awesome! Just awesome. Love the beard Brock!