Monday, November 2, 2009


The pictures you are about to see are as disturbing to me as they probably will be to you. For instance:

Yes, this is my husband

Man, I'm sure lucky :-)

I'd like to think my costume was a little bit calmer and easier on the eyes.

The antics of an emo.

We had a heifer attempt to cross an auto-gate (cattle-guard to all you Idahoans) so we used her as decoration.

This was Brock's idea, but I did ask him to remove it...politely.

The entrance to our party.

I'm rather proud of myself for the decorations...

Party goers.

Some delicious treats.

Archimedes doing what he does best...chewing.

Will as "William Wallace" AKA: Braveheart.

Tiffany as a beautiful Pride and Prejudice remake, and Desiree as a "dead beauty pageant contestant who is coming back as a doctor to poison beautiful ladies."

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