Friday, October 30, 2009

Sleep Aid

The first night we brought Archimedes home, he was so exhausted from driving all day that he slept through the night without a hitch (except for some poo problems on the bed, but we fixed that and he went right back to sleep). We woke up thinking "Wow, he's a good sleeper. We got the jackpot with him!" So the next night rolls around. Brock and I just get to bed and it started. The continuous sound of his baying and crying ALL NIGHT. You might think I'm exaggerating on this but I'm not. ALL NIGHT! This lasted for a couple more days (we finally got ear plugs) and we decided desperate measures must be taken.

That's when our little angel from heaven arrived :-) Here she is...Galileo, Gally for short.

This is her hiding spot from Archimedes. He can't reach her to chew on her tail and Gally can soak up the sun!

This little kitten has saved our marriage! (okay, it wasn't that bad but I like to sound dramatic) We found out the problem was that Archimedes was super lonely down in the basement where he sleeps. My mom-in-law graciously gave us an already house trained kitten after my dad-in-law voiced his opinion of having a cat in his house. The result was day and night...literally. We didn't hear a peep out of Archimedes that entire first night...Except for the occasional meow from Galileo because Archimedes like to chew on her. They act like they don't like each other sometimes, but they sleep in the same bed so I'm not falling for it.

Well, there ya have it! Our little angel has blessed us with the gift of nighttime sleep.

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